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How to Search dLook

March 21st, 2007 · 1 Comment

dLook Business Search Box

Above is an image of the search box on dLook business directory. I’d like to take a couple of minutes to let you know how you can get the best results from your dLook search.


In this box you should enter the type of business, product or service you are looking for.

Examples are doctor, plumber, tyres, car hire. You should avoid entering general terms like “supplies”, “equipment” or “repairs” on their own.


If you know the specific name of the business, you don’t need to worry about the “what” box, just type the name in the “who” box and follow the next instructions.


You actually have a few options here. You can type your suburb, postcode, state (eg VIC, QLD etc) or even national in here. Just one problem – if you type in a suburb of which there are more than one in Australia (for example “Richmond” has 6 postcodes in 5 states), then you will need to “refine your results” (more on this below). In this instance you’d get a quicker result by typing in the postcode.

How Far (search radius)

This is one of the most powerful tools on the dLook search. Say you are looking for a restaurant within close proximity. You would set this option at “postcode only”, or 2 kilometres and this will restrict businesses who service this area only (more on this in a moment).

However, if you are looking for something less common, let’s say an endocrinologist, then you might want to select a search radius of 100 kms, 200 kms, or even state.

The most common mistakes people make when searching dLook, are

1. entering a business or personal name in the “what” box
2. typing a suburb in the “what” box
3. typing in words without spaces eg “weddingphotographers”
4. not realising that results can be refined.

Refining your Search Results

Refining your search on dLook

The options available for refining your search will depend on your original search query. In the above search, I searched for a business name in Richmond and chose “nation” as my search radius.

Control Serviced Area” – Some businesses have elected to have their business displayed to a wide range of people (for example an online clothes shop located in QLD may chose to display their business details nationally).

Sometimes, this might not be appropriate to your needs (e.g. You need a dress for TONIGHT!). You can click this button and businesses who say they will “service your area”, but are not located within your search parameters, will magically disappear.

“Search in a different range” – this middle box will allow you to repeat your search but choose a smaller or larger search range (depending on your initial search).

“Search in a specific postcode” – if you typed in a suburb that has more than one postcode in Australia, here’s where you choose the correct one.

Refine dLook Category

In the above example I searched for the general term “car“. Now there’s no way of knowing if you want to buy a car, hire a car, fix a car etc, so you are presented with a very large list of results, with the opportunity to refine your search to a more specific category.

One final way to search on dLook is to enter your location, chose your search radius and then click on one of our 40 most popular searches on the home page. In the following example, I clicked on the “mechanics” link from the home page. I was then presented with a list of related categories, which might be relevant to my search.

Refine dLook Search by Related Category

I hope you found this helpful for improving your search experience on dLook.

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