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Fantastic News for dLook Business Listings

November 11th, 2007 · 2 Comments

dLook has been chosen by Vodafone to power the new Vodafone Compass “Find & Seek” function for Australian businesses.

With over 3 million Australian users, Vodafone is now offering their new Compass product at on a special introductory offer.

The Compass system is arguably the most advanced mobile GPS / Find & Seek available in Australia and by many accounts the most cost effective.

Vodafone Compass is available on the Blackberry Curve 8310 Smartphone and the Blackberry 8800 (with availability on other handsets is coming soon). Users now have a talking mobile office in their pocket which will take them just about anywhere. The extra features which Vodafone plan to add to the Compass system over the coming months will have the other telcos playing catch up for years to come.

This is great news for dLook businesses, as it offers additional exposure on a locality based search. No matter where a Vodafone user is located they will get businesses listed in order of proximity to them.

dLook’s experience with our own very popular mobile site dLook.mobi tells us that mobile users are far more focused when conducting a business search and are far less likely to stay on the site looking at multiple listings. The mobile user wants a good search result and they want it fast.

We believe the efficiency of the Compass product and the integrity of the dLook search will make Vodafone users very happy with the overall package.

A big mention should also go to Yapp Mobile whose engineering and forward thinking has created the engine for the Compass product and continues to improve and refine this futuristic system to meet the demands of the user public.

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