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A Sign of the Times?

January 24th, 2008 · 2 Comments

In a sad but predictable story on the Sydney Morning Herald website today, ACP’s chief executive Scott Larson announced today that Australia’s longest running magazine “The Bulletin” will close down after 128 years of publication.

The article quotes a serious fall in circulation numbers due to younger readers increasingly using the internet to source information, news and current events.

This is a trend which will see the demise of many print publications both here and overseas in the months and years to come. Today’s 16 to 20 year olds (generation y) will become, and in some industries, already are, the main consumer demographic. Ask any of these people how many newspapers or magazines they buy or what medium they use to source information, be it news, cars, jobs, entertainment, clothes, real estate, dating and so on.

Invariably they will all give you the same answer…… The Internet ! Now ask a 16 or 18 year old how likely they are to purchase a newspaper or magazine.

Most of Australia’s businesses have already accepted the fact that unless they have an internet presence their business will not survive much past the next 5 years. The smarter businesses have gone the extra step of making sure they not only have an internet presence, but that they are easily found when potential customers are searching for the goods and services they provide in the geographical area in which they provide them.

The dLook business directory is dedicated to raising the profile of Australian businesses on the internet. Not only will customers find your business on dLook but they will also find you on the major search engines which deliver over 10 million searches PER DAY just in Australia.

Big business does not seem to have a problem with embracing this concept and ensuring that they are easily found online. Many small businesses however perceive that it is too costly to maintain a high profile and simply don’t bother.

Is $1.63 per day TOO MUCH for online advertising? And if it is, why is it?

$1.63 per day will give your business, BIG or SMALL a significant online presence! It really is that simple AND it really is that ECONOMICAL. No tricks, no long term contracts, no hidden costs.

We have hundreds of businesses which sign up every day for our Free Listing service. When many of these businesses are subsequently contacted with the dLook Premium offer, the standard reply is “$1.63 per day is simply not in our budget”, or “yeah it sounds like a good idea but I’m not ready just yet”. And how about this one, “look, we already have a website. If someone wants to find us they simply type in our web address”.

Perhaps the answer lies in the Internet Marketing Seminars dLook promotes every month. Business owners are invited to come along and get some extremely valuable insights from a leading internet marketing expert. These tickets are available at NO COST to small business owners. Despite thousands of invitations being sent out every month, an average seminar attracts an average of 50 to 60 participants.

Perhaps it’s just plain apathy or maybe people are just too busy, although being too busy to learn ways of getting more customers is not in anyone’s best interests.

Bottom line is that there is NO barrier to ANY Australian business having a prominent internet presence. Unless of course a business cannot afford $1.63 per day or that a business owner believes that the internet is a passing fad which will disappear any day now….

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  • 1 Deepak Bista // Mar 31, 2009 at 1:18 pm

    I think not every business is ging to take advantage of internet. For some business owner it is quite a talk especially some one who is not not so much internet savy. I sometimes fee internet is over capitalised and you can only market so much through internet.
    It depends who are, what is one’s knowledge of internet, nature of business etc to take advantage of internet marketing.
    Happy surfing!!

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