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Online Advertising

September 14th, 2008 · No Comments

The online advertising market in Australia has become a tangle of inflated promises and in the most part a failure by most online advertising promoters to deliver.

What started as a cheap alternative to main stream media (Press, Radio & TV) has become a complicated, expensive and often ineffective means of promoting ones business to the buying public.

Why Is This So?

Simple really. Radio, TV and Press require huge investments in infrastructure and tend to employ qualified, accredited and professional people to deliver their respective media product to the consumer.

Online Advertising on the other hand is an industry where someone with virtually no qualifications or experience can put up their hand and say “I can get you a good return on your online advertising budget”. There is often no investment in infrastructure, no formal qualifications and no governing body to police the claims and activities of so called online advertising companies.

So Does Online Advertising Work?

In a word yes! But only if you do your homework and only if you stick with companies and websites which have a proven track record in the online advertising industry.

Case in point dLook. A dLook online advertising campaign will give your business every opportunity to attract customers by raising your online profile using the power of the dLook website, radio, TV & press advertising, mobile phone browsing, international mobile phone carriers (Vodafone), discount coupons, promotional events (seminars etc) and the 100 or so search engines which almost everybody uses to find just about everything online.

How Much Does It Cost?

Actually it’s quite inexpensive and there are no hidden extras or long term contracts (the minimum dLook contract is 3 months).

Just $49.50 per month or $488 per year is all that a dLook listing will cost regardless of how many postcodes or states your business services. Once you have made the decision to advertise with dLook we will do the rest. Getting your listing in front of as many potential customers as possible is what our reputation is built on and what our whole business is set up to do.

Feel free to contact dLook during business hours on (02) 8249 8120 or simply use our easy online registration form and start getting more business for your business.

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