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Internet Cashes In On Hard Times

October 14th, 2008 · 1 Comment

While many financial observers are saying “I told you so”, the reality is that Australian businesses are in for a cautious couple of years until the world economic scene finds some stability and direction.

CASH as opposed to credit is going to be the lifeblood which will see the smarter businesses weather the current economic downturn and that means cost cutting and smarter business practices.

Most Australian businesses rely on advertising and promotion of one sort or another to grow their customer base or at the very least maintain it. There is no doubt that in the weeks and months that follow, business owners will be bombarded with crazy cut price rates from TV, Radio and Press to help fill the vacant advertising slots being created by a tightening of advertising budgets across the board.

But wait, businesses simply can’t “stop” advertising because the effects of negative growth or the loss of hard earned market share will have a much worse effect on a business than a recession ever could. So what’s the answer?

Those businesses which have learned to source new customers via the internet are sitting in the box seat and those who have not are now playing some very serious catch up.

It’s almost impossible to argue the power and influence which the internet has on the Australian advertising scene. In fact, those who dismiss the importance of the internet and continue to channel all their advertising dollars into press, radio and tv will soon disappear into the sunset and sadly so will the jobs of their employees.

Whilst traditional advertising is, and will remain a very important factor in the advertising industry, the internet is fast being recognised as the most cost efficient, accountable and flexible means of generating new business not only in Australia but the rest of the world.

One could sit here and quote example after example of websites which have become part of our everyday lives, Google, Domain, Ebay, Drive, Facebook, RSVP, YouTube and so on. Whilst all of these are individual websites, they all belong to the same medium – the internet. Between them they generate over 10 million Australian visitors per day, more than half the Australian population and the beauty of it is that the “little” guy can competitively play the same game online as the “big” multi nationals.

In fact, the big Australian websites have gotten that way for the most part, by creating various advertising facilities on their respective websites where the “little” guy can harness the power of the internet from a mere pittance.

Those who know how this works have probably not even read to this point in this article but for those who want to find out just follow this LINK.

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  • 1 Hans // Oct 15, 2008 at 10:19 am

    I could not agree more about the positive results we receive from our internet expenditure. I also believe that we now have a much better “front window” for our customers, they can see most of our products, even before they come into our store. Thanks to sites such as dlook the world is becoming a better place for commerce in general and the potential customer in particular; by being better informed.

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