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Discount Dockets Australia Wide

May 4th, 2008 · 2 Comments

The concept of Discount Dockets has been around for almost as long as retailing itself. Stores will often use a discount docket to promote different lines of stock or slow moving merchandise.

In recent years however there has been an increasing trend for retail stores and service providers to offer a discount to customers by way of a docket or coupon. So much so, in fact, that a whole industry has sprung up to cater for the increasing demand by retailers for ways of publicising their various discount offers to potential customers.

At first many of these docket or coupon promotion and distribution businesses used printed material stuffed into people’s letter boxes and so gave rise to the term “junk mail”. While junk mail is very popular today it is slowly on the decline as more and more Australians turn to the internet to source goods and services on both a local and a national level. Not only that, but Australians are also getting much greener as time goes on and the idea of having half a tree stuffed into the letter box twice a week is becoming less acceptable to the Australian consumer as time goes on.

dLook recognised the need for an efficient electronic discount docket years ago with the first draft of the business directory which has become so popular in Australia in such a short space of time. By allowing businesses to display ONLINE DISCOUNT DOCKETS along with their business contact details, dLook was the first directory in Australia to recognise the need to save paper and reduce the amount of junk mail we receive. It has also been very encouraging to see the other big online directories follow our lead.

While it’s all very well and good to have online discount dockets, the problem arises of how to present the growing number of discount offers to consumers so that they don’t spend hours sorting through the offers they are interested in and those they are not.

To solve this problem dLook came up with the idea of having a completely separate website dedicated to classifying and presenting the 100s of different discount dockets and promotions to the thousands of dLook subscribers who have them delivered by email every month. Coupons.dLook.com.au was very cleverly built to be easy to navigate and have all the different coupon classifications in an easy to read table at the top of the home page.

So, dLook and its many subscribers are doing their part to help our planet and save some trees. In our own special way we are making a difference and are very proud to be doing so.

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  • 1 Kerry Seaton // Jul 17, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    I am currently looking around your site and am impressed by the ease of use.Not all sites are easy to navigate but yours is and so on finding this page I was tempted to send this note.
    Next stop, I will be checking out your recent archives.

  • 2 Deepak Bista // Mar 8, 2009 at 10:41 am

    I also like dLook that is why I am also your customer and I also check your site regularly if Ican get some knowledge of marketing my business.

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